Keeping Active

"Just the right size home to provide a variety of activities but small enough to create a family atmosphere."

"The staff always treat Mother with the dignity of a person who still has her own opinions and ideas!"

"Rusthall Lodge has a lovely homely feel to it and that is what I liked."

The calendar year at Rusthall Lodge is always peppered with activity milestones, whether it's a fete held in the glorious Spring or Summer sunshine or a warm and welcoming Christmas event with mince pies and mulled wine. All our major events are organised with our residents in mind and invitations are always extended to individuals from the Village.Linda Watts

2015 saw our inaugural salute to the Armed Forces and it was our pleasure to again hold a special Armed Forced Day event in July 2017. These are valued opportunities for us to thank our residents and the people who served their country in a celebration of music and good food!

Activities play a very important role in care home life   and we're delighted to have three assistants and a volunteer who provide a daily schedule of activities for both our gentlemen and ladies. Our activities are designed to engage and occupy and are not meant solely for distraction.

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